Tee Off in Paradise: A Golfing Vacation in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is calling golf enthusiasts. If you’re looking for the perfect golfing getaway, look no further than Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. With its stunning coastal views, meticulously designed courses, and luxurious amenities, Punta Cana has become a premier destination for golfers from around the world. Join us as we explore the golfing paradise that awaits you in Punta Cana, where you can tee off in style amidst breathtaking scenery and enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation.

World-Class Golf Courses: Punta Cana boasts an impressive selection of world-class golf courses that will leave any golfer in awe. Designed by renowned architects and set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, these courses offer a unique and challenging experience. Punta Espada Golf Course, a Jack Nicklaus signature course, is often ranked among the best in the Caribbean. Its lush fairways, dramatic sea views, and meticulously manicured greens create an unforgettable golfing experience. Other exceptional courses include La Cana Golf Course, Corales Golf Club, and Teeth of the Dog Golf Course, each with its own distinct features and challenges.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning coastal views that accompany your golfing experience in Punta Cana. As you make your way through the courses, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas of turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and pristine beaches. The combination of natural beauty and well-designed courses will transport you to a golfer’s paradise where every swing is enhanced by the breathtaking surroundings.

Punta Cana is home to a wide range of luxurious golf resorts that cater to golfers’ every need. Stay in opulent accommodations where you can wake up to views of the golf course right outside your window. Many resorts offer golf packages that include access to multiple courses, personalized golf concierge services, and top-notch practice facilities. After a challenging round of golf, unwind in world-class spas, dine in gourmet restaurants, or simply relax by the pool, indulging in the ultimate luxury experience.

From coastal courses to inland fairways, Punta Cana offers a diverse range of golfing experiences. Challenge your skills on courses that feature strategically placed bunkers, water hazards, and undulating greens. The Corales Golf Club, for example, offers a unique combination of cliff-side holes, challenging winds, and breathtaking oceanfront views. Whether you prefer links-style golf or tropical layouts, Punta Cana has something to suit every golfer’s preferences and skill levels.

While golf may be the main attraction, Punta Cana offers plenty of opportunities to explore beyond the fairways. Take a break from golfing and indulge in water sports, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or deep-sea fishing. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by visiting nearby attractions like the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park or taking a boat tour to Saona Island. Treat yourself to exquisite dining experiences, sample local rum, or dance the night away to Caribbean rhythms.

A golfing vacation in Punta Cana promises an unforgettable experience for golf enthusiasts. With its world-class courses, stunning coastal views, luxurious resorts, and a myriad of activities to enjoy beyond golf, Punta Cana offers the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and indulgence. So pack your golf clubs, prepare for breathtaking rounds of golf, and get ready to tee off in paradise. Your ultimate golfing vacation awaits you in Punta Cana.

Exploring the Culture of Macao Beach – Immersive Experiences and Local Traditions

Macao Beach in the Dominican Republic is not just a stunning coastal destination but also a place rich in cultural heritage. Beyond its pristine shores and crystal-clear waters, Macao Beach offers a unique opportunity to delve into the local culture and traditions of the Dominican Republic. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to explore the cultural heritage of Macao Beach, highlighting immersive experiences and local traditions that will enhance your visit and provide a deeper understanding of this captivating destination.

The Dominican Republic has a deep historical connection to its indigenous population, the Taino people. Macao Beach lies in an area that was once inhabited by the Taino, and remnants of their cultural heritage can still be found today. To immerse yourself in this rich history, consider visiting nearby museums or cultural centers that showcase Taino artifacts, artwork, and traditional crafts. Learn about their customs, spirituality, and their significant contributions to the island’s heritage.

Food plays a vital role in any culture, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. While at Macao Beach, indulge in traditional Dominican cuisine to experience the flavors and culinary traditions of the region. Sample local dishes such as “mangu” (mashed plantains), “sancocho” (a hearty stew), or “mofongo” (fried plantain dish). Visit local eateries or join a cooking class to learn how to prepare these delicious meals yourself. Exploring the local gastronomy provides a direct connection to Dominican culture and offers a taste of authentic flavors.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its vibrant music and infectious rhythms. Merengue and bachata are the country’s traditional music genres, and they play a significant role in the cultural fabric of Macao Beach and the surrounding areas. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively beats of merengue and bachata by attending a live music performance or joining a dance class. Learn the basic steps and feel the energy that emanates from these traditional dances. Engaging with the local music and dance scene will deepen your understanding of Dominican culture and bring joy to your visit.

Artistic expression is a vital part of Dominican culture, and Macao Beach is home to talented artists and craftsmen. Explore local art galleries or visit artisan workshops to witness the creative process firsthand. From vibrant paintings depicting Caribbean life to intricate woodcarvings and pottery, the art scene at Macao Beach offers a glimpse into the creativity and craftsmanship of the Dominican people. Engage with the artists, learn about their inspirations, and perhaps even purchase a unique piece of artwork as a memento of your visit.

Participating in local festivals and celebrations is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Macao Beach. The Dominican Republic is known for its colorful and lively festivities throughout the year. Keep an eye out for events such as the Dominican Carnival, which showcases vibrant costumes, music, and dance parades. Additionally, religious celebrations, such as Semana Santa (Holy Week) and patron saint festivals, offer insights into the country’s religious traditions and beliefs. Attending these celebrations allows you to witness the vibrant spirit and strong community bonds that define Dominican culture.

To truly understand the cultural heritage of Macao Beach, venture beyond the tourist areas and visit nearby local communities. Take the time to interact with the locals, listen to their stories, and learn about their way of life. Engaging in conversations with the residents can provide a deeper appreciation for their customs, traditions,

Exploring the local markets and craft shops near Macao Beach is a great way to support local artisans and bring home unique souvenirs. Discover handmade crafts, such as woven baskets, jewelry, and traditional clothing, which showcase the skill and creativity of Dominican craftsmen. By purchasing these authentic and locally made items, you not only support the local economy but also contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Delve into the historical aspects of Macao Beach and its surrounding areas by visiting historical landmarks and museums. Explore ancient ruins, colonial-era buildings, or historical sites that hold significant cultural importance. One such site is the nearby city of Higuey, home to the impressive Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of Altagracia, the patroness of the Dominican Republic. Visiting these landmarks and museums provides a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural influences that have shaped the region.

Experience the agricultural traditions of the Dominican Republic by visiting local farms near Macao Beach. Participate in activities such as coffee or cocoa bean harvesting, learning about traditional farming techniques, and understanding the importance of sustainable agriculture. Engaging in these farm experiences allows you to connect with the land and gain insights into the agricultural heritage that sustains the local communities.

Consider engaging with local organizations and community projects that aim to preserve and promote Dominican culture. These initiatives often offer cultural exchange programs, workshops, and educational activities. By participating, you can learn traditional crafts, music, dance, or cooking techniques directly from local experts. Engaging in cultural exchange programs fosters mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect for the cultural heritage of Macao Beach.

Macao Beach is a place where the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic comes to life. By immersing yourself in the local traditions, cuisine, music, art, and festivals, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural tapestry that defines this captivating region. Take the time to explore the indigenous roots, support local artisans, and engage with the vibrant local communities. By embracing the cultural heritage of Macao Beach, you will create meaningful connections and enrich your travel experience in this stunning part of the Dominican Republic.

Car Rental Prices Skyrocket – Still Deals Here

On a trip to Oahu and Kauai last month we were stuck paying exorbitant car rental fees. We were shocked to find $400 a day for a compact was the best deal we could make.

Seems obvious to us that rental car companies are taking advantage of the new universal excuse for just about everything, including boosting car rental costs – COVID 19.

We have found Macao Beach Punta Cana rental cars for our recent travels are best at RentalCars.com. It offers the best rates and consistently comes through with the right car at the agreed upon price.

Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana – Luxury is the New Island Life

Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana (aka Playa Macao Punta Cana) is a new all-inclusive resort that caters to families and couples with their Unlimited-Luxury® getaway offers. The resort is just 40 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport. Did we mention the cost is all inclusive.

Dreams is truly a family friendly option at beautiful Macao Beach, with steps to the golden sand and views of the spectacular turquoise water from luxuriously appointed suites or private villas.

A lazy river attraction for young folks, live entertainment for the older folks, and volleyball on the beach for young and old.

For repast, Dreams maintains nine gourmet dining options, including six à la carte restaurants, a buffet, a café, or a grill on the beach.

If we weren’t already married, we would consider this our wedding location of choice. The photos below show an amazing bridal room and a to-die-for palm lined slice of Caribbean beach from which to take your marriage vows – shod or sans footgear, your choice.

It is a world-class option for your stay at beautiful Macao Beach. You can venture out to expereince the real island life and then come back to luxury to re-energize.

For more:

Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana

The pool area at Macao Beach Dreams Punta Cana
Macao Beach Dreams Punta Cana room with a view of the Caribbean
Luxury lodging with view at Macao Beach Dreams Punta Cana
An outdoor wedding at Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana
The bride's room at Macao Beach Dreams
Macao Beach outdoor dining

Dreams Macao Beach is Open – Safe From COVID With CleanComplete

Dreams Macao Beach (owned by AMResorts®), the only all-inclusive resort at the beach, has announced their COVID strategy to keep travelers safe. And free on-site COVID testing.

Dreams Macao Beach has achieved the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp of Approval: “All AMResorts® branded properties across Mexico, the  Caribbean, Panama, Curacao, St. Martin, and the Dominican Republic have  achieved the specialized designation from the WTTC. These defined  protocols signify the highest standard in health and hygiene, which  provides additional confidence and peace of mind our valued guests.”

Also from Dreams regarding their COVID protection protocols:

“We are pleased to announce that, until further notice, AMResorts® branded properties will be extending the recently announced CleanComplete+ program  as long as CDC and government travel regulations require COVID-19  testing prior to entrance after returning from international travel.

Your safety and well-being are our highest priority.  As we face unprecedented times, we’d like to keep you informed of how  we are responding to the situation brought on by COVID-19. Please visit the links below for our latest resort openings, enhanced policies and  general FAQs.

In accordance with local health and safety guidelines, some facilities and services may be limited until further notice.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Status, Testing and Traveler Requirements

CleanComplete Verification™ Enhanced Quality, Safety and Hygiene Protocols

Macao Beach Hostel – The More Authentic Island Life – <$20

The Macao Beach Hostel in Punta Cana is located just a short walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, Macao Beach. Less than $20 a night.

Solo travelers as well as groups see this as the perfect option for hotel lodging at a cut rate. Adults only.

Hostels can offer more than just a bargain. For those who want to get as close as a tourist is able to the authentic and traditional Dominican life, this is an option. Hostels tend to attract adventurous spirits, artsy people, backpackers and Macao Beach is no different.

Bunk beds and mosquito nets are the decor in fairly cramped quarters but the action is outside along the beach and in the water anyway.

The last we checked the hostel’s website was down. Most of the major internet travel sites can book a spot for you but they will require a phone call rather than the usual seamless online reservation we’ve all grown accustom to. There is a Facebook page here.

Horseback Riding at Macao Beach – Punta Cana Tours

Horseback riding at gorgeous Macao Beach Punta Cana gives you a different perspective of the country and a chance to get out of the box.

You can escape the coddling of your resort, taste the culture and remember the past. And maybe even pick up a few saddle sores as a souvenir.

Punta Cana Tours offers morning and afternoon tours for $70 (children ride for $40) with an online reservation.

The trip includes:

“Round trip transport in an open air truck. How many times in your life will you travel the Dominican Republic in the back of an open air truck?

The horse ranch is genuine. Our sleepy ranch in Punta Cana’s  coutryside has been around for years; and there’s only one thing the people at this small family run homestead love more than visitors: their  many beautiful horses.

A 2-hour ride along a sparkling, untouched coastline. Imagine waves  of the warm Atlantic to one side, dense tropical brush and towering palm trees to another, miles of coastline to the north and south, and amber sand beneath.

Stroll, gallop or sprint! Our guides feel your level of know-how and  comfort and then take a step back. Will you ever get to beach horseback  ride again? Who knows. Live the experience.”

Click here to make reservations or just to learn more about the tours.

When to Travel – Weather Seasons in Macao Beach Punta Cana

Peak Season is January to March

Punta Cana is warm year long. Temperatures stay in high 80s Fahrenheit. Only December and January ma get down to 70 degrees, but only overnight. Then it gets hotter. This time of year is a good time to visit but make your reservation early and be aware these will be the highest booking rates. Christmas and New Year’s week is most popular.

Rainy Season is June to November

Hurricane season arrived June through November. Storms are most common in August and September. Think twice whether to book during these months because you may have to pack up early and escape a storm threat. In addition to potential hurricanes, the most rain falls in September and October. Some Punta Cana Macao Beach operators close for renovations, but rates can be inexpensive and it may be worth the risk.

Shoulder Season is April to May

The best deals are available in these months in between peak and out of hurricane seasons. The weather can be perfect.

Click for Current 10-day forecast.

Surf Macao Beach – Surf Camp Lessons or On Your Own

The break at Macao Beach is consistent enough for beginners to learn and advanced surfers to tweak their rides. Body surfing there is also top notch.

The best waves for surfing Macao Beach with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light/offshore winds) is during Autumn and usually the month of October but most surfers and especially beginners can find a wave throughout the year.

Macao Surf Camp (MSC) offers well thought out lessons from experienced teachers with years surfing this break. They will also document your surf experience with professional photography. After a surf session, MSC can also hook you up with fresh “just caught” fish (sometimes mahi mahi, kingfish, snapper and others) in a small restaurant a short walk from the beach.

Surf-forecast.com offers an amazingly detailed look at current and forecasted surf conditions at Macao Beach

Read the hundreds of reviews on Tripadvisor.

Thank you to #surfstarkov for the photo of the break looking back at Macao Beach.


Mamajuana – Nectar of the Dominican Gods – It’s the Rum

Sometimes the Dominicans cover the bottle in wicker but that can’t hide its magical properties.

Mama Juana is a mixture of bark and herbs left to soak in rum (most often dark rum but white rum is not uncommon), red wine and honey.

After the arrival of Columbus, indigenous locals added alcohol to the recipe. Besides its  rumored aphrodisiac qualities, Mamajuana is also consumed for medicinal purposes.

The alcohol is said to create additional curative properties as a herbal tincture that is often served as a shot. The beneficial effects vary from a flu remedy to a digestion and circulation aid, blood cleanser, and of course kidney and liver tonic.

Even if it doesn’t work as medicine, the yummy rum, wine and honey mix masks what ever ails you.