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Macao Beach Hostel – The More Authentic Island Life – <$20

The Macao Beach Hostel in Punta Cana is located just a short walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, Macao Beach. Less than $20 a night.

Solo travelers as well as groups see this as the perfect option for hotel lodging at a cut rate. Adults only.

Hostels can offer more than just a bargain. For those who want to get as close as a tourist is able to the authentic and traditional Dominican life, this is an option. Hostels tend to attract adventurous spirits, artsy people, backpackers and Macao Beach is no different.

Bunk beds and mosquito nets are the decor in fairly cramped quarters but the action is outside along the beach and in the water anyway.

The last we checked the hostel’s website was down. Most of the major internet travel sites can book a spot for you but they will require a phone call rather than the usual seamless online reservation we’ve all grown accustom to. There is a Facebook page here.

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