Why Macao Beach

Why We Love Macao Beach

We at MacaoBeach.com are avid travelers with a special taste for the warm, crystal clear salty water of the Caribbean. We’ve experimented with Jamaica, Tahiti, even the Mediterranean Sea, but we keep coming back to Macao Beach in the Dominican Republic.

UNESCO has named it one of the top beaches in the Caribbean. And, in 2020, TripAdvisor added Macao Beach to its list of “Best Beaches in the Caribbean” by Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best. Both visitors and locals enjoy Macao’s more authentic and less touristy island beach life. Even until last year, not a single resort existed there, Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana Resort.

The remarkable thing is this diamond has avoided exploitation for so long among the other Caribbean jewels. And it is still affordable, accessible and ready to welcome the discerning traveler.

Horseback riding, ATV and dune buggy rentals, surfing the clean break, and living the true island life for a time awaits you, but first priority is “laying out” on the uniquely white sand, sipping a beverage of choice and taking a languid dip in the warm, embracing Caribbean sea.

Note: In Spanish, Macao Beach is known as Playa de Macao or Playa del Macao.

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